Project Name : Finite Element Vibration and Structural Response Analysis of A Container Ship
Project Year (final date) : 2006
Project Subject Theme : Structural Analysis
Summary of Project : In this Project; Vibration and Structural Response Analysis of 135 meters Container Ship was performed by Using Finite Element Method. Special purpose of this ship was to carry very long metallic profiles. To achieve this purpose the ship was to have very long storage area. It was very difficult to provide suitable stress values with just two bulkheads along the whole ship. On the other hand stress values must be suitable limits in the bending area. 3D surface CAD model was prepared in SolidWorks. MSC.Patran and MSC.Sofy preprocessor were used in this project. MSC.Nastran was chosen for solution of the FEM problem. Finally, for the critical stress areas some improvements and modifications are advised to the company. After these modifications had made, all analysis was performed for four load cases and ship has approved by Italian classification RINA.
  Project Name : Stress Analysis of a 1000 kgf Rotating Crane
Project Year (final date) : 2007
Project Subject Theme : Structural Analysis
Summary of Project : In order to build a new crane on an old ship in restoration, some uncertainties was encountered. A new manufactured crane was going to settled on main deck of the ship. Foundation area must be redesigned and inspected for crane loading conditions. 2D DWG model of the foundation area was supplied by the SEFT. 3D surface CAD model prepared in SolidWorks according to these DWG files. Similar components are divided into sub-assemblies and imported in MSC.Sofy mesher software for generation of surface mesh. After all sub-assemblies are meshed these assemblies are merged and mesh quality improved. This mesh grid had imported into MSC.Patran and load-boundary conditions applied. Model file send to MD.Nastran and result of FEA model had obtained. In order to results of first revision it had understood that stress limits were critical on main support frames. Thickness of these frames increased and orientation of brackets are re arranged. FEM model re created according to these changes and model re analyzed. As a result acceptable stress results are obtained and manufacture started.
  Project Name : Noise And Vibration Measurement Of Aegean
Project Year (final date) : 2008
Project Subject Theme : Structural Analysis
Summary of Project : This project was about newly constructed yacht AEGEAN's vibration and noise level's validation according to related ISO, TSE and IMO rules. Data Physics Dynamic Instruments had been used during whole measurements. Inside the yacht; noise and vibration measurements had been done for all cabins. Especially engine room had been taken into consideration because of high vibration and noise levels. After data processing a report was prepared. According to the report insulation was suggested for this yacht. The measurement which was taken after insulation showed that noise and vibration levels were in suitable limits for AEGEAN.